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Whilst browsing Facebook one day I spotted a post by a coffee company I had been having chats with for a few months about their sugar sachets! The picture was of a lorry filled with Hessian coffee sacks from Honduras. It was a light bulb moment and I fired off an email immediately asking what they did with the sacks and asking if I could possibly have some.

Ideas grew and I teamed up with Jannette Fewings and Dawn Wignes to create an Eco friendly bag range. We wanted to provide an alternative to plastic shopping bags (even bags for life are usually plastic) and use material that didn’t have a big carbon and raw material footprint (unlike cotton tote style bags)

So, we now turn these sacks into beautiful up cycled, strong and practical bags. From shopping bags to messenger bags, peg bags to wallets.

You can see more photos of the range in the Albums section of the CCA Facebook page in Photos.

We are also beginning an #inflatablesrange using damaged pool inflatables in a similar way.

We have a good selection after the summer season and look forward to seeing what quirky things can be created using them. The main aim is to give these items a second life and keep them out of landfill whilst at the same time creating useful products that people will love to use.


Empty and disposable coffee bags

Coffee Bag

Coffee Bags with old seat belts as straps

Purse & Wallets

Coffee Bag purse and wallets


Pool Inflatables made into beach bags!