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CCA Mission

Taking action against plastics, fishing paraphernalia and other litter on our beaches and coastline. We try to encourage a wide group of people to get involved through varied activities including litter picks, art, social gatherings and sports. In order to tackle the issue of prevention our activities also include educational projects and workshops, focusing on building awareness and sharing information about alternatives.

Our events and activities are based around achieving the following 5 objectives.

  • To clean the beaches, seas and coastal areas for both the benefit of marine life and wild life as well as humans.
  • To educate about the damage rubbish and plastic pollution does, look at ways to prevent and reduce it and encouraging the use of more earth friendly alternatives.
  • To get people involved, connected and inspired through group activities and projects. Including as wide a spectrum of different people as we can.
  • To encourage people to spend time outdoors. On the water, in the water, on beaches and generally surrounded by nature.
  • To spend time outdoors, having fun, doing the things I love while surrounded by like-minded people.
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